Strategist & Storyteller  (...& Aspiring Tech Humanist) 

I am the Chief Marketing Officer for the boutique Digital Marketing & Design Agency CREATIVE SUPPLY HOUSE. I help businesses and their audiences find the humanity and authenticity in their new and evolving digital worlds. 

With a decade of experience in Digital Marketing and a keen eye for design and compelling content, I create valuable and effective, digital campaigns, copy, and media that I support with data and analytical reporting. I have worked with businesses across vastly different markets, and love the unique set of challenges each one brings. From Law Firms to Wearable Tech to Fried Chicken - it all requires Brand Development, Marketing Strategy, Authenticity and Creativity. 

I blend my skills as a Digital Marketing Manager with Business Development and Account Management to build and nurture relationships and find and fix problems. I am focusing on roles that allow me more time managing, interacting and communicating with clients, communities and my team, which is where I am at my best and where I and most fulfillment. I want to bring my knowledge and experience of marketing, branding, and strategy and use my natural passion for listening, learning and building relationships, and work with people, companies and ideas I truly believe in.

I Want to do Great Work with Great People.

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