Productivity Hack for the Avid Podcast & Ted Talk Consumer...

Productivity Tip That Changed My World. I consume podcasts, Ted Talks and video tutorials like Ramsey Boltons' hungry dogs consume, well, Ramsey Bolton. (Game of Thrones reference, if you don't get it, don't look it up) I recently increased the speed on my players and I am getting 1.5X as much information in. I have not found any issues currently with absorbing the content and found I very quickly adapted. There are multiple speed options so you can adjust for fast or slow talkers. You can also ease yourself in by adjusting just .25x but it is still much more efficient.

I am certainly not the first to suggest this. But if you are like me and spend your days trying to pick up as many tips, tricks and new information on podcasts, audiobooks or videos and have shied away from trying this. Give it a go... you wont be disappointed.

If you are watching on You Tube you can simply hit the settings cog in the bottom right corner and a speed box will pop up. If you are using your Podcast app on IOS then there is a 1X on the player, you can click that to move it up and down. If you are using something else there is likely a option available. I am going to try this soon on my runs as I listen to audio books and see if it helps my input speed and maybe my output speed too... I will let you know.